The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space has seen tremendous growth over 2021. Total Value Locked (TVL) within DeFi based apps grew to $100+ billion (compared to $9 billion a mere 12 months earlier). And we are poised for even greater growth in 2022 as the visibility and excitement around this new frontier intensifies. NYC in particular remains at the forefront of these innovations with many blockchain companies having a strong a presence here.

Naturally, there's a huge demand for DeFi Developers and yet there are not many accessible avenues for developers to get involved in the space. Many would agree that the most efficient way to get up to speed in a new domain of knowledge is to collaborate with others, particularly in concentrated periods of time. Ideally, these are done in person but can be done remotely as well.

So we are planning a hackathon in Midtown, New York from Dec 26th to Dec 31st with the ultimate goal to ship a fully functional DeFi product by the time we wrap up. This hackathon is available for both in-person and virtual participants to attend!

This is the hackathon for you if:

The period between Christmas and New Year's Day tends to be a generally quiet time in regards to other professional obligation, so what a great opportunity to immerse yourself in another discipline and learn something new! Let's end the year strong by taking a huge leap into the metaverse.

Time: Sunday, December 26th - Friday, December 31st (Times/Schedule TBD)

Place: Ideally, we'd like to work together in-person, but we are open to those who would like to participate virtually. If we do meet in-person, we have access to a co-working space in Midtown Manhattan.

About Me
I am a serial entrepreneur and full stack engineer with 15+ years of experience across technology and finance. I have founded three companies and have worked with firms like Bloomberg, Bank of America and Shopify. I've been getting my hands dirty in the DeFi space over the past six months and I remain amazed at the enormous disruptive potential that DeFi solutions offer! You can learn more about my background here.

Feel free to ask questions, by emailing me at NYCDeFiHackathon [at] gmail [dot] com